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Resin Wood Adhesive Oneshot


Resin Wood Adhesive has tremendous strength and durability. Creates extremely strong bonds and can be used for filling holes as it hardens.

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Resin Wood Adhesive Oneshot Technical Data Sheet


Antel Resin Wood Adhesive Oneshot is a Urea Formaldehyde Powder Resin which provides a gap filling, water resistant adhesive which is unaffected by moulds and fungi. It only requires mixing with water to make ready for use.

Particularly recommended for joinery, cabinetwork and assembly gluing, particularly when small amounts of reactive glue mix are required or when demand is such that the use of a liquid adhesive is not economically viable. The setting time is fast but will allow an adequate working life for all envisaged applications using both hot and cold pressing techniques.


3kgs and 5kgs non-returnable plastic containers.


Keep containers tightly closed when not in use and store in a dry cool place at temperatures between 5°C and 20° C in original containers. Keep out of reach of children.
Shelf life under these conditions is at least one year.


Resin Wood Adhesive Oneshot is harmful by inhalation and is irritating to the respiratory tract. If in contact with the eyes flush with water for at least 15 minutes and obtain medical advice. Prolonged or repeated contact with the skin can cause irritation.
Wash contaminated skin immediately with hand cleaner and soap and water. Harmful if taken internally – seek medical attention immediately. DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. If inhaled remove to fresh air.
Please refer to Health and Safety data sheet for complete details.


Colour White
Appearance Powder, dust
Stability Avoid contact with acids
Hazardous decomposition
Products High temperatures generate carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide


Mix the powder with water as follows.
Parts by weight Parts by volume
Powder 2 3.5
Water 1 1.0

Use a dry container, preferably non-metallic and add water to the powder gradually stirring to ensure the powder is evenly dispersed. Continue to stir until free from lumps. The mixed adhesive is then ready for use. To ensure that consistent glue mixes are obtained with the correct properties, mixing by weight is strongly recommended. Addition of too much water will seriously reduce the rate of setting, particularly at lower temperatures.
Pot life - Usable life of the mixed adhesive in relation to temperature.

Temperature of 10°C 15°C 20°C 25°C 30°C 35°C
mixture 50°F 59°F 68°F 77°F 86°F 95°F

Pot Life 1 hr 1 hr 1 hr 40 min 30 min 20 min

Thoroughly sand the surfaces to be joined. Ensure that all surfaces are free from dust or other deposits. All joints should be well fitting.
Wood that has been stored in an unheated shed or workshop may be cold and contain excessive moisture and this may cause poor bonding. It is therefore good practice to store the wood in reasonably warm and dry conditions for several days before bonding. For the best results the moisture content of the surfaces to be bonded should be between 7 – 13%.
Apply the mixed resin thinly using either, a brush, wooden rod or hand roller to one surface then assemble the joint and apply full clamping pressure. If only light clamping pressure is used the resin should be applied to both surfaces. When bonding flat surfaces, the resin should be spread at a rate of 200 – 400 grams per square metre.
After applying the adhesive, joints should be assembled whilst the glue line is still moist and good contact can be assured.

Temperature of 10°C 15°C 20°C 25°C 30°C 35°C
mixture 50°F 59°F 68°F 77°F 86°F 95°F

Assembly time 1 hr 30 min 20 min 10 min 8 min 5 min

The following table gives the minimum time required for the application of pressure.

Glue Line 10°C 15°C 20°C 25°C 30°C 35°C
temperature 50°F 59°F 68°F 77°F 86°F 95°F

Minimum 3 hr 2 hr 1 hr 1 hr 45 min 35 min

Clamping pressure should be applied as soon as possible after assembly especially at high temperatures.
The following maximum open and closed assembly times over a range of temperatures are given as a guide.

Clamping pressure on joints should be sufficient to ensure good contact between surfaces and should be maintained during the indicated clamping times.
If the joint is liable to be strained immediately after removal of pressure the above times should be increased. The resin will continue to gain strength until, after several days, full water resistant properties are developed.
Basic setting times under warm and hot press conditions are as follows.

Temperature of 50°C 60°C 70°C 80°C 90°C
glue line 122°F 140°F 158°F 176°F 194°F

Basic setting 9½ - 10 5½ 3 2 1
time min min min min min

The basic setting times quoted refer to glue line temperatures only and allowance must be made for the heat to travel from the heat source. Heat penetration time will vary according to the density of the wood moisture content and distance to the farthest glue line. As a guide the following times should be added to the basic setting times.

Up to 5 mm - 1 minute per mm
5 – 8 mm - 1¼ minutes per mm
8 – 12 mm - 1 ½ minutes per mm


Mixers, spreaders etc should be cleaned by washing in warm water. Equipment should be cleaned before the resin has time to set.

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Resin Wood Adhesive Oneshot

Resin Wood Adhesive Oneshot

Resin Wood Adhesive has tremendous strength and durability. Creates extremely strong bonds and can be used for filling holes as it hardens.

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